LED Emergency indoor batten light-AU

  • Bright & Ultra efficient:150LM/W
  • IP42
  • Large Terminal Block: Back&Sides
  • Philips Driver 3 Years Warranty
  • Emergency Battery
  • Maintain emergency light with s
  • 4.5W/3hr emergency power
  • C0:D63, C90:D50
  • Sensor with adjustable dim levels and hold times
  • Self-test functionality
  • IP20/65 and IK08/10 rating model options
Model Power Product Size Lumen
ERS-AU12W60E 12W 700*83*72mm 1800LM
ERS-AU20W60E 20W 700*83*72mm 3000LM
ERS-AU12W120E 12W 1170*83*72mm 1800LM
ERS-AU14W120E 14W 1170*83*72mm 2100LM
ERS-AU16W120E 16W 1170*83*72mm 2400LM
ERS-AU18W120E 18W 1170*83*72mm 2700LM
ERS-AU24W120E 24W 1170*83*72mm 3600LM