Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why LEDs are better than old lights? Let’s outline some inefficiencies with old lights, such as halogen and fluorescent lights. Halogen bulbs in high bays get hot minutes after switching on because a proportion of electricity they use goes into creating unwanted heat instead of light.

However, fluorescent tubes are more efficient than halogen lights as they produce less heat. Lights we see in places like offices, homes, car parks, etc. are generally fluorescent tubes.

Fluorescent lights last longer owing to the fact that they produce less heat. But they have other disadvantages like they emit light in all directions.

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, on other hand are more efficient than both halogens and fluorescent lights. LEDs produce negligibly low heat because most of the electric energy is converted into light – about 85% or more. The movement of electrons in a semiconductor material for illumination is the reason for low energy consumption.

As a result, LED high bays may last up to 50,000 operational hours and LED tubes may last up to 30,000 operational hours. For businesses, LEDs ensure a significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs.
No! Perhaps most business owners are reluctant in making the switch because of the initial cost involved.

However, with the introduction of government initiatives and subsidies like VEET and ESS, most of the commercial products like LED high bays, office LED panels, LED tubes, etc., come at minimum to no cost.
We follow a process where we work in close proximity with our clients to help perform energy-efficient lighting upgrade. We understand our client’s business type, operations and existing energy usage to offer a lighting solution that delivers in long term.

Our sort-after upgrade procedure helps our clients with a successful end-to-end LED lighting upgrade process. Besides, we offer our clients to choose from a range of VEET-approved LED products to make sure you get a solution that saves you time and money in short as well as long term.
Yes! most of our products comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty.