Discounted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

Rebates of up to $10,290 are now available through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program to upgrade your heating & cooling! Say goodbye to your old gas or electric system and welcome an energy-efficient reverse cycle air conditioner into your home.

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Single Split System

Ideal for single rooms or open-plan areas

Multi Head Split System & VRF

Multi Head Split System & VRF

Ducted Reverse cycle System

Ducted Reverse cycle System

Are You Eligible for Government Incentives?

Heating & Cooling
Rebates now available

We’re excited to offer new financial incentives for upgrading from inefficient gas or electric heaters and air conditioners to efficient reverse cycle systems, including ducted, split, multi-head and multi-split (Variable Refrigerant Flow/VRF) systems.

Seize the chance to transform your home into a more comfortable, eco-friendly, and budget-conscious space with the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Receive up to $10,290 off when you upgrade your heater or air conditioner to the latest reverse cycle technology. Act now and experience the rewards of a sustainable and cost-effective heating and cooling solution.

Eligible systems for replacement

Hard-wired resistance electric room heaters

Non-ducted (room) gas heaters

Central electric resistance ducted heaters

Ducted (whole-of-home) gas heaters

Refrigerated air conditioners

Ducted (whole-of-home) reverse cycle air conditioners

Hard-wired slab heaters

Non-ducted reverse cycle air conditioners

Other combinations not specified here may also be eligible
Have a ducted or wall gas heater?

Replace it with any of these for free

Just pay installation

Explore The Range Of Options Under The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners We Offer

Quality and suitability vary between manufacturers, so research your options carefully to find the perfect fit.



Suitable for single rooms or open-plan areas



Perfect for multiple rooms or whole-home comfort


Ducted Systems

The ultimate solution for whole-home climate control



Annual Energy Costs
of Common Central Heating Systems

The figures in the table are approximate costs per year. They’re based on an average existing pre-2005 house in a Melbourne climate, heating to 20°C. The calculations are based on an electricity tariff of 22.8c/kWh (peak) and 16.54/kWh (off-peak). Natural gas tariffs are based on the standing offer of a major gas retailer using a typical “declining block” structure for a house with gas heating, water heating and cooking, which means more gas that is used during each billing period.

Annual Energy Costs
Heating Mode
Cooling Mode

How Does a Reverse Cycle System Work?

If you’re wondering how a reverse cycle air conditioner operates, it’s based on the refrigeration cycle. Here’s a simplified explanation:

Let’s explore the benefits

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Let’s explore the benefits

Year-Round Comfort

Enjoy both heating and cooling capabilities for comfort in all seasons.

Energy Efficiency

Save on energy bills by transferring heat instead of generating it.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Utilize electric power, especially from renewable sources, for a more environmentally friendly choice.

Zoning Options

Customize comfort and save energy by heating or cooling only occupied spaces

Low Noise Levels

Modern systems operate quietly, ensuring minimal disruption to your home.


Optimizing Home Comfort & Efficiency


Learn about zoning and ducting for precise climate control, selecting products with high star ratings for efficiency, and integrating your system with solar power for sustainable energy solutions.

Enhance Control with Zoning and Ducting

For ducted systems, consider zoning for precise control over which areas of your home are heated or cooled. Make sure your ducting is properly insulated and sized to meet your specific needs.

Product Star Rating and Noise Considerations

Opt for higher star ratings for heating efficiency, as Victorians use more energy for heating. Consult your installer regarding system placement and noise levels to keep your household and neighbors comfortable.

Climate and Solar Integration

Discuss models and sizes best suited to your local climate with your installer. All VEU reverse cycle air conditioners can utilize electricity generated from a solar PV system, contributing to sustainability and energy savings.

Size Matters,We're Here To Help You Get It Right

Get the perfect reverse cycle air conditioner today and transform your home into a haven of comfort and efficiency.

When it comes to sizing, remember that room size is just one piece of the puzzle. Always consult a qualified technician for sizing and installation such as Australian Energy Upgrades.

For ducted systems, we recommend providing 1.1 to 1.4 kW of heating output for every 10m2 of your home covered by the system, tailored to your home’s characteristics.

Our expert guidance will steer you in the right direction. Consider the following factors before making your selection

Choosing the perfect size for your reverse cycle air conditioner is crucial for optimal performance and efficiency. An undersized unit won’t do the job, while an oversized one can break the bank.

Home Efficiency

Is your home well-insulated and free from drafts? Efficiency matters.

Room Characteristics

Ceiling height, insulation, windows, and sun exposure all play a role.

Room Selection

Identify the spaces you use most and those that need heating or cooling.

Victorian Energy Upgrades

Ensure your choice meets VEU program requirements.

Our Impressive Range Of Energy Efficient Products

Three steps to receive your new air conditioner

Make the switch to energy-efficient electric Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner system and enjoy unparalleled comfort and savings. Contact us today to explore your options and transform your home or business into a haven of efficiency and warmth


A Reliable, Certified Supplier

Australian Energy Upgrades is a proudly Australian-owned family business with a rich history of over 15 years in the field of energy efficiency installations for both commercial and residential properties.

As a trusted supplier in the Heating and Cooling industry, Australian Energy Upgrades’s sales and installation team can efficiently manage the entire process from start to finish. Choosing an approved and authorised supplier like us, will ensure that you will receive quality products and safe installation practices for your new Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner or replacement of your existing heating unit.

Australian Energy Upgrades’s dedication and commitment to customer service have positioned us as
Victoria’s fastest growing heating and cooling company.

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Australian Energy Upgrades proudly holds accreditation as a New Energy Tech Approved Seller, a distinction that sets us apart in the industry. The New Energy Tech Approved Seller, serving as the authoritative body overseeing the standards of solar installations in Australia, rigorously accredits only those who meet stringent qualifications and consistently deliver excellence. Our Approved Seller status empowers us to advocate for government rebates and incentives, including Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and advantageous feed-in tariffs on your behalf. To qualify for STCs, which significantly reduce the initial cost of solar installation, it’s imperative that your system is designed and installed by a New Energy Tech Approved Seller – and that’s us!

For additional insights into New Energy Tech and the significance of approved sellers and retailers, please visit their website. Click Here

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Compliance To Attain Approved Solar Retailer

Our company's stringent compliance with the demanding process to achieve Approved Solar Retailer status.

5-Year Warranty For Your Solar System

A standard minimum warranty period of five years for your entire solar system.

Installation To Network Connection Details

Comprehensive information regarding the sequence of events from system installation to network connection.

Compliance And Ethical Commitment

Assurance that we meticulously adhere to all relevant legislation and regulations, with our sales representatives committed to ethical practices and never resorting to misleading tactics.

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A host of other quality and performance assurances, all designed to enhance your confidence in choosing us as your solar partner.